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Hello, my name is Sean Carroll and I'm here to make sure you know as much as possible about John Dove, your next city councilman. John I met in 1984 at the Naval Academy where we were members of the Class of 1987. We were roommates for both our junior and senior years and have been close friends ever since. When I met John, I quickly realized that he had an infectious positive attitude that made others around him better and happier. I also realized that John was destined to serve. He was always helping his teammates and classmates, thinking of others before himself.

After graduating from the Naval Academy, John served as an officer in the Marine Corps, then transitioned to the civilian sector in medical device sales. This was another example that John was destined to serve and help others as his products, services, and expertise help patients live better lives. John recently retired from the commercial sector. And after partnering with his wife Rhonda to raise four wonderful children. He is now committed to serving his community. On the personal side, John is a confident driven problem solver, who is selfless and humble. He's a devoted husband, father and friend who is known for his glass half full outlook.

As your city councilman. He will listen and speak up. Your voice will be heard through his voice. He will be visible and accessible and not shy away from conflict or challenges. He will serve his community as he has served his country tirelessly with honor, dignity, and unquestionable integrity. John Dove is an outstanding human being and will be a superb city councilman. I am proud to call him a classmate and friend, he is your best choice on July 19.

— Sean Carroll
John makes those around him better and happier

Hi, I'm Kimberly Jenkins. I have known John dove and his family for over a decade. John is a graduate of the Naval Academy and Marine Corps veteran, a father of four, a leader in his church community. He is a supporter of firefighters, police officers and teachers, the folks who keep our county safe and educate our children.

He is the man in any organization who stays calm and looks for fact-based logical solutions that will help the most people. Most importantly, John is a good man who will bring his honesty and integrity to everything he does.

That's why it's easy for me to endorse John as a candidate for the Anne Arundel County Council.

— Kimberly Jenkins
John is a good man who will bring his honesty and integrity to everything he does.

I am happy to have the endorsement and support of Annapolis Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles.
Alderwoman Pindell Charles has a strong Family heritage in West County as a member of the Queen, Gaither and Matthew’s’ families. Her Grandmother was a member of Metropolitan UMC in Severn and her Father was a member of my home Church, St Mark UMC in Hanover.
She has also served our community as a advocate at Harmans Hebron Elementary School (named after my wife’s Uncle Frank Hebron) for 7 1/2 years. Her roots run deep with family and relatives who have lived, grown up, and gone to school through the Arundel High School Feeders in the Gambrills/Odenton area.
She understands and has lived the history of West County and now is supporting me to provide future leadership on the County Council for West County and District 4.
— Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles

I'm Delegate Mike Rogers (Col., U.S. Army Ret.) and I'm proud to endorse John Dove for County Council. John is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, former U.S. Marine Corps Officer, longtime community leader, and business executive. He is best prepared to lead our community on civil rights, to address equity issues at schools like Meade and Arundel High Schools, to build bridges with first responders, and to foster the best climate for small businesses in our community.

— Del. Mike Rogers
Proud to Endorse John C. Dove Jr. for County Council

Hello, my name is Rona Zimberg Brown and I've known John Dove for 37 years. I consider John my brother. We met while he was attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and he quickly became a member of my family.
The few words that I would use to describe John would be kind, caring, a great leader and a family man. He puts his family, God and community first in his life.
Although John is not originally from Maryland, he did come back and Anne Arundel County to raise his family after his military commitment. As your delegate I know John will put the needs of your district first and fight for everything for the community in your area.
I only wish I lived in Anne Arundel County District Four so that I could vote for him. Thank you so much for your time.
— Rona Zimberg Brown
He puts his family, God and his community first

Authorized by Friends for John Dove Jr, Marrell Harden, Treasurer

Use of military photos does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense or U. S. Naval Academy. 
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