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An Economy for All:

My focus will be on how we make our economy in this District work for everyone; whether that’s children coming through the Meade and Arundel school feeder system, those in private school or home school or for those looking to climb the ladder from minimum wage to a career as well as for those returning home from incarceration to civilian life. I will focus on ensuring we make our community work for our military members and retirees. I am committed to ensuring that our First Responders, nurses, and small business owners can thrive and not just survive in our District. District 4 has the biggest employment driver in the state with Fort Meade as well other important businesses big and small. Let’s ensure all our residents benefit from a growing economy.

A World Class Education for All:

My focus will be on ensuring that the public schools have the resources they need to succeed. I will work to improve our school infrastructure, support initiatives for better programs and after school opportunities, and invest in mentorships for at-risk students. I will support initiatives to provide better resources and better compensation for our teachers, staff, and bus drivers. I will work to ensure that every tax dollar of the Blueprint for Education is used effectively.

A Clean Environment for All:

As our population grows our infrastructure needs increase. As we tackle those infrastructure needs, I pledge to ensure that a focus is maintained on our environment as decisions are made on infrastructure projects. We must fix Route 3. I will work to preserve the precious environmental resources in our community like the Patuxent Wildlife and Refuge Preserve. 

An Ethical and Accountable Government for All:

Whether as a Marine Corps Officer, corporate leader, or private citizen, I have always modeled ethical behavior and accountability. I will continue to bring that same standard to my role as Councilman. I will work to ensure that all aspects of our county government are accountable to the citizens it serves. 

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Authorized by Friends for John Dove Jr, Marrell Harden, Treasurer

Use of military photos does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense or U. S. Naval Academy. 
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